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About Me and My Business
Business Background
Business Background

From an upbringing in Boise, Idaho, to colleges in the East, Judith joined IBM in 1963 in Syracuse, NY. Her various assignments included residency in Westchester NY, West Haven CT, Atlanta GA, Detroit MI and Armonk NY.

Although her Corporate life revolved around Marketing, Administration and Education, she always had an interest in things artistic.

Through fluke or design, most of her assignments soon included a graphic component such as computer graphic design, graphic presentations or manuals describing the use of graphics in training materials and environments.

She earned two Master's degrees and a Ph.D. and has been putting her education to work in managing her growing jewelry business.

Her mother, Dora, shocked the family when she began producing prodigious numbers of oil paintings beginning at the age of 66.

So, perhaps it's no surprise that Judith's new career is spent concentrating on functional jewelry that clients can put on and take off by themselves while incorporating artistic bead designs.

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