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There are 33 messages in the Guest Book of Judith Greathouse:
 cheryl glueck   2016-12-06 03:39:48 

It was a pleasure meeting you yesterday at Diamond Ridge
Love your work  
Keep me in mind for your upcoming events also
have a wonderful Christmas & New Year
 Shirley Raimato   2014-04-14 08:57:50 

I was unable to attend FFGC convention this year and was anxious to see what new things you have, as I enjoy the gunmetal choker I purchased last year.  I added a couple things to my wish list, so I will tell family to visit site for a Mother's Day goodie.  Thanks, Shirley
 sissy geer   2013-11-26 05:16:45 

Judith, all I can say is WOW!.  Your jewelry is fantastic and beautiful.  The ease of function is absolutely icing on the cake.   
 Nancy Ludvik   2012-10-20 15:03:58 

Judith,  It was so nice to meet you & chat with you at the On Top of the World Arts & Crafts Fair today!  You have beautiful items!

Nancy Ludvik,   A Jewelry 'Stringer'!
 IVONNE VILA   2011-09-24 10:30:32 

I am interested in buying at wholesale prices.  Please let me know.
 Bette   2011-07-10 18:03:35 

I saw Nadine's jewelry at church this morning.  She told me all about you.  Russadine gave me your url.  Your jewelry is beautiful.  I will be ordering.
 Nadine Schlotzhauer   2011-06-02 19:04:10 

This is Krista, Nadine's great grand daughter. She is wanting to order, but is wanting to pay by check. She does not have a credit card, can you please accomodate her? Thanks!
 Russadine Hoffman   2011-05-28 18:06:25 

Judith, your pieces are all so beautiful.  Nadine wants to come into town and look on the computer at all that you have to offer.  Sharon Rhoads met us today for lunch and she had on a beautiful piece of yours.  You are truly talented.
 Edwin H Orrell   2011-03-17 07:26:39 

I am surprise by so much activity.
I thank you for the help you have given to me.
 Brian Cavanaugh   2011-02-18 08:14:59 

Dear Judith,

Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful business with us.  My wife loved the necklace.  You have a true gift in what you do.
Thanks again

Brian with Pro Pressure Clean
 sara evans dougherty   2010-12-18 16:20:28 

hey judiith,
i need your address and your phone would be good also.  wanted to send you something in the mail right away.
sara (lou evans) dougherty
360  891-1129
 karen K   2010-08-30 17:48:57 

Just wanted to say hi and that I enjoyed your website.  I work at a certain ophthalmology office that you were in recently & you gave me your card.  Thank you.  I will be sure to let friends know about it.
 cindy   2010-03-27 20:29:14 

Do you have any wire memory necklaces in a white and brown, balck  and white and just white?
 Ann Wolff   2010-03-03 17:00:25 

Hi Judith,  Love all your jewelry, and will be back to order at least one for a cruise in April.  I don't have pierced ears, and the earrings are not much use unless you have adapters.  They are smashing though!!     Ann
 Bev   2009-12-19 09:52:17 

Judith,  Wow! What a fabulous website and article about you in today's Chronicle. Your work is beautiful and I love hearing and reading such success stories. My Grand daughter absolutely loves and treasures the stretchie ring that I chose from your collection at the CCNC craft fair.  Thank you very much!   Bev
 Barbara Leary   2009-10-29 10:36:33 

very nice !!!!
 Julie Bleam - Spruce Creek Preserve   2009-07-08 10:37:27 

You have very beautiful items on you website.  Thank you
 Kris H.   2009-07-07 09:10:45 

Judith, I am sorry it took me this long to check out your updated website.  There is such a great selection in every category listed, and it is all just beautiful.  In looking at the selection of chokers, it occured to me that the jewelry looks like some of the beautiful brightly colored pieces you had placed throughout your home.  The colors and designs are bright and exciting.  As always, everything you do is 100% and unbeatable.  Take care and congratulations on your "functional jewelry". Kris H.
 thelmajune   2009-07-04 16:03:12 

I was at Carol Arter's yesterday,she is my fiancees mother.And she suggested your website.So i am gonna take a look see.Thanks
 Jackie Madiol   2009-06-09 08:33:47 

website looks great..
 Carol   2009-06-08 18:16:27 

Love your new pieces and the website.
 Cindi   2009-04-14 09:04:14 

Great website Judith! Great talking to you and Robbo last night. You both sound wonderful!
 Evelyn   2009-01-29 06:06:44 

Very nice Judith.. Vincent
 Fran (post ofice)   2009-01-23 18:43:53 

The website is awesome they did a nice job!
 Jo Roskow   2008-11-14 11:04:55 

Fantastic Website.  Your innovative approach to jewelry is absolutely amazing.  I will be picking up some pieces at the craft show next week.
 Mary Fritz   2008-09-06 14:32:41 


Your jewelry shows beautifully, but not as beautiful as it is in person!  Good Luck on your wonderful adventure in your business that seems to be growing and spreading like wildfire.  I might have to continue to help it along.  Love the pendant chokers!

 Jessica Gurekovich   2008-08-22 08:06:12 


Everything looks beautiful....I cannot wait to see all of the new things in person...and of course for the to you soon!
 Barbara   2008-08-08 13:34:22 

Hi Judith!

Great website girl. Looks like I know where I'll be going for Christmas presents.

Hope to TALK to you soon .,.

 Bunny Bucci   2008-08-07 13:15:57 

Love the new web site. Great job Judith. Bunny
 Rita & Dick Coffman   2008-08-06 05:17:42 

Very nice website & the jewelry looks wonderful.
 Terry   2008-08-05 20:51:08 

Great website and what a wonderful collection of jewelry.  Will have to make up a wish list.
 Joan Reinhart   2008-08-05 18:11:10 

It really is a stunning collection.  Makes me wish I wore more jewelry.  Guess I'll have to start!!!

Best of luck.  
 Susan   2008-08-05 16:07:13 

Really a nice collection!  I didn't know you were doing chokers, too.  I'll have to order one, once I decide which one! about some earrings to match?
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